Dec 01 2008

Erin’s Project

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A humorous choose-your-own-adventure type game, where the outcome of your quest is determined by which paths you decide to take, which items you take along and a little bit of luck. The game uses various themes from Greek and Roman mythology and you should recognize quite a few if not all of them. The website is now finished and you can finally get to the end! There are two “true” endings that you can get. There are 48 pages in total spanning across three different websites, because the webhost only allows 20 pages per site. Don’t worry, the links will take you to the other sites automatically. There still might be spelling mistakes, but I don’t have the time to look over the entirety of it, because the entire game takes up seven and a half pages in Microsoft Word… ha ha… Anyway, Enjoy!

The website is currently in the top 1% of websites created this week as far as visits go!

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